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Hideoki Productions, Ltd. is a creative boutique production company based in New York City and founded upon the Japanese ethos of integrity, quality and hard work. With more than 25 years producing domestic and international commercials, photo shoots, music videos and more, we may be authorities in the industry, but we’re never arrogant. It’s our goal to capture life in motion, successfully turning clients’ visions into compelling visual content. With an adventurous spirit ingrained by our founder along with our trustworthy collaborators, we’re able to service the world, with shoots taking place around the globe.



On the beach listening to Coltrane in the ‘60s, Photographer and Director of Photography HideokiTM followed his adventurous spirit and left Tokyo at age 21 to chase dreams of becoming the best at his craft.

Arriving in NYC in 1963, HideokiTM began assisting the renowned fashion photographer Jimmy Moore and within four years had established himself in London as well as New York. Two of his photographs are part of MoMA’s collection, and he’s had innumerable campaigns and solo shows to his name, including appearances in Harper’s Bazaar, New York Times Magazine, and more.

The legacy continues


with husband and wife and business partners, Mitsu & Maria Hagiwara


Mitsu Hagiwara

Mitsu officially joined Hideoki Productions in 1998 and in 2005, he was honored to take the reins and make the thriving production company a second-generation business. Born in New York to a Japanese father and American mother, his diverse heritage has allowed him to bridge gaps between cultures and expand what started strictly as a Japanese service provider into an international entity. Mitsu experienced living in New York, Colorado, Tokyo, London, New Zealand and Australia, as well as having visited more than 30 countries. His wide perspective and authentic vision guides the ongoing success of Hideoki Productions, a company where client relationships evolve into lasting friendships. Mitsu’s breadth of work impressively ranges from car commercials to superstar high budget commercials to camping and photographing in the nature reserves of New Zealand and the U.S.


Maria Hagiwara

Maria joined the company in 2015 as a managing partner and chief strategist and brought her flair for business and keen sense of style on board. For more than a decade, she worked for big investment banking firms until she couldn’t take it anymore. Her creative genes beckoned and is happy working in the creative field once again. In 2003, she co-founded Cradle Media while at Lehman Brothers to provide small and medium sized companies with branding, web design and IT support, and kept it alive through her investment banking days. In 2012 she was running the company full time, but after seeing the synergies between Hideoki Productions and Cradle Media, she realized joining forces with her husband was a natural next step. She, therefore, decided what was best for her husband and became co-owner and Mitsu’s boss. Since joining, Hideoki Productions received a major rebrand, expanded its team and service offerings. She makes room for big ideas, discovers talent, and germinates inspired thinking. Combining strategy and creativity, Maria lays the groundwork for the company’s vision and guides its execution.


Carol Ruthberg

Production Supervisor

The backbone of any production in which she’s involved, Carol’s attention to detail, guidance, charm and guile get the most from the crew and the budget. Her extensive production experiences have taken her around the globe, and always delivered no matter what the production size. She has run productions including car commercials (Honda, Toyota), commercials involving celebrities (Hugh Jackman, Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Christy Turlington), and many more.


Miho Kuriyama

Production Coordinator

Miho joined the company in 2017 as a Production Coordinator and immediately put her multilingual skills into practice. Born to a Japanese father and a Costa Rican mother, she has developed an inherent curiosity about cultures that has led her to live in different places around the world, consequently making her fluent in Japanese, Spanish, English and Portuguese. Having earned a Masters degree in Media Studies, she has not only been exploring media as a mechanism but also has studied the aesthetics of film for over 6 years. Her passion for film has also lead her to be part of the post production for two documentary films. Developed from her video editing skills she is efficient when conducting research, meticulous in regards to location scouting, and precise in delivering impactful projects to clients.



New York based. Worldwide delivery. Film/Video, Photography. We are creative, sensible, strategic and adventurous. Experience production differently. Work with us.


We have successfully worked with and charmed movie stars, pop stars, athletes and other VIPs, such as Christy Turlington, Ayumi Hamasaki, Robert DeNiro, Miranda Kerr, Hideki Matsui, and many more. No one does VIP service like we do.


Tap into the creative power of New York. From global campaigns to copywriting, we have the cutting edge brain power to deliver the creative you need.


Our in-house artists and our alliances with post-production houses allow us access to the latest technology 2D & 3D animation, digital compositing, color correction, as well as post production and editing.


Our researchers are thorough and fast. We handle your request with urgency and aplomb so that your production can get underway.


From original scores, to licensing music, to creating sound effects, the talent we have access to have done Super Bowl commercials, major branding campaigns and feature films.


We curate copywriters having a wealth of experience in different forms of content writing. Copywriters we work with are familiar with different industries. From award-winning writers to talented young writers with fresh ideas, we connect you with a variety of wordsmiths to help you find just the right words for your message.


With the experience of partnering with a multitude of Japanese production companies, we are perfectly suited to be your gateway to Japan.


We find locations that perfectly fit the visual landscape of your project. From the fjords of New Zealand to the glaciers of Canada, and classic European cities to the Australian Outback, we bring the world to you.

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