Honda’s “The Power of Dreams”

Honda’s “The Power of Dreams”

HONDA’s craftsmanship in manufacturing motorcycles resulted in epic success backed by ad campaigns that resonate personally in each of its riders. We thoroughly enjoyed contributing to their photo shoots that took place outside of Asia. Honda recently introduced various contents emphasizing “The Power of Dreams” message.

Each content focuses on its riders and their stories with their Honda. More contents are anticipated to be developed and published from different parts of the world to share the Honda experience.

Hideoki Productions was excited to contribute to this campaign by producing the photo shoots of the Honda Cub riders. From the shores of Cornwall, England to the palm trees of Miami and to the hipster haven of Portland, Oregon, we went to multiple locales and heard colorful stories of the adventures of Honda Cub riders. They were effusive in their praise for the Cub and were happy to tell us stories about the places they’ve been, people they’ve met, things they’ve done with their Cubs. One of the riders said that she’s been riding her Honda for more than 30 years and only stopped when she had to give birth to her children. The enthusiasm was undeniable. The photos created an intriguing fabric of its diverse customers that share the same love for Honda.

The ad campaign can now be seen on Honda’s worldwide website, billboards, and prints. See the Power of Dreams.


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