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Sony Reveals the Prowess of the Alpha α9

Sony surprised the world with its most awaited breakthrough in camera technology, the Alpha α9. The revolutionary 35mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor is the first of its kind. Hideoki Productions is proud to have produced the video and images to demonstrate the camera’s capabilities. That’s why our team carefully selected the appropriate locations and talent. And delivered a smooth production experience to meet its SONY’s high-level standard.

We showed the camera’s high-speed competency and its high resolution full-frame 4K movie capabilities featuring former Canadian Olympian skier, Kelly VanderBeek. With its 20fps continuous shooting and its blackout-free feature, photographers can capture every movement. Furthermore, we shot short track speed skating, rodeo, tennis, bob sledding, ice skating and hockey to demonstrate its 4D focus feature and other capabilities. “The ability to keep an eye on moving subjects at all times leads to faultless AF and AE tracking, and the photographer’s view is consistently up-to-date with an absolute minimum of lag“, Sony said. To view more images,  see Sony’s gallery.

Tiger Woods and his fellow golfers would get upset when cameras clicked away during their backswings. Along with golf, there are many sports where athletes’ concentration can be disrupted with trigger happy photographers during their competition. The Alpha α9 introduces the silent shutter to render that problem moot.  To demonstrate, we’ve shot golf and archery scenes in action to show how photographers can capture images without interrupting the athlete’s focus. See our additional work in their product features video.

The Alpha α9 is packed with wondrous prowess, fulfilling many photographers’ wishes. The sports camera’s high speed of 20 fps, 693 auto focus points, 5 axis in camera stabilization and 4K full frame readout video make the Alpha α9 truly revolutionary. Finally, the dream in digital camera has been achieved. And we’re honored to be a part of promoting it!


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