You see things differently . The ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Satellite Lab offers a new take in the field of imaging technology. The New York-based company invented a patented technology that uses a high-speed cinema camera to suspend a moment of time and light sources moving more than 10,000 feet per second. The unique aspect of this technology is that it creates the ability to control the movement of light sources and the movement of the scene as independent variables.

Take this magical cosmetic test video for example. Witness the light and motion arrested in time, suspended in air as it shows the glimmers of the powder’s finest particles. The cosmetic powder is no longer simply just a powder. A new perspective springs to life.

Satellite Lab combines technology and modern art to a new divine space of marvel. The team behind the company includes co-founder and creative director Carlo Van de Roer. His love for scientific invention and exploration of a camera’s ability to reveal “unseen insights” led him to conceive Satellite Lab’s technology. Alongside is Stuart Rutherford whose expertise in software development helped developed and patented the camera. Stuart has garnered awards for his past work in Japan, New Zealand and the US. Finally, co-founder of Behance (the most popular global creative platform) Matias Corea also serves as a founding partner.

The advancement of photography has come a long way. Photography allows us to experience the phenomenon of arresting time. And it continues to fascinate us as new discoveries unfold. The astonishing work of Satellite Lab makes you ponder what lies beneath our naked eyes. While it’s sensational, it is also spiritual. View their work and let’s talk about possibilities.