1989 - 2019
Hideoki 30 Years Logo

Celebrating 30 years

Hideoki Productions celebrates 30 years of producing TV commercials and photo shoots for the best companies. We’ve been honored to work with great talent, the biggest global brands, and respected creatives. Our partners have put their trust in us since 1989, and we’ll continue to win their hearts with integrity and creativity.

Although production has been the core of what we do for over 30 years, the breadth and depth of our capabilities and services have expanded. To reflect that, we have updated our name.

  • 1963 Hideoki Moves to NYC
    Hideoki Moves to NYC
  • 1967 Harpers Bazaar
    Photo Shoots for Harpers Bazaar
  • 1978 Shimokita Exhibit
    First Tokyo Exhibit, "Shimokita". Opens Aoyama Office.
  • Brutus Magazine 1980
    Brutus Magazine First Edition
  • 1982 Hideoki Office Opens
    Hideoki Productions Founded
  • 1990 New Kids On The Block Music Video
    New Kids On The Block Music Video
  • 1995 Marilyn Manson Music Video
    Marilyn Manson Music Video
  • 1998 Hideoki Hagiwara Retires. Mitsu Becomes CEO
    Mitsu Joins the Company
  • 2003 Konika Minolta Exhibit
    Konika Minolta Exhibit
  • 2005 Mitsu Becomes CEO
    Mitsu Becomes CEO
  • VB-02_ƒSƒWƒ‰+‚¦_0826“üeol
    Kirin With Matsui
  • 012718-Hideoki-FA-layered
    Maria Joins as Partner. Company Rebrands, Launch Creative Unit.
  • 2015-First-Creative-Copywriting-
    First Major Creative Copywriting
  • 2016 Coca Cola Campaign with Peggy Sirota
    Coca Cola Campaign with Peggy Sirota
  • 2016 First Animation DENSO Eco Vision 2025
    First Animation DENSO Eco Vision 2025
  • instax-tswift
    Fuji Film Instax with Taylor Swift
  • dsc07418 2
    Company Turns 30 & Becomes Hideoki & Co.

In 2019, we have become Hideoki & Co.

The Hideoki legacy continues as a hybrid company with a new name: Hideoki & Co.

We have become a creative, production and research insight studio. Our production services have expanded to a larger intercontinental network and our creative unit focuses on copywriting (transcreation) and tagline creation. As an American-Japanese company, we recognize the value of interconnectedness in a global world.

Hideoki & Co. celebrates the joy and beauty of creating. We are thrilled to announce the addition of our Insight Department where we take deep dives into research and analysis to envision the future and create new products.

Our brand logo and the values we have held for 30 years remain the same.

Founder Tribute

Hideoki Hagiwara Logo

In this pivotal moment, we would like to pay tribute to the work of Hideoki Hagiwara, founder of Hideoki Productions.

Our creative roots begin with him and we are proud of his legacy that pushes us to be better for our partners.

To great adventures, beautiful creations and wonderful friendships.

Thank you for being a part of our story.

Hideoki Hagiwara