One of the world’s first travel and entertainment credit card Diner’s Club released a stunning cinematic TV commercial that’s currently broadcasted in Japan nationwide. The commercial captures the passion and ambition of 4 Japanese professionals in their respective fields, depicting their own “universe.”  Hideoki & Co. produced the shots in New York City, the place where Diners Club was first conceived in 1949.

Featuring renowned dancer Fukiko Takase and BMX Champion Yohei Uchino, their personas of these talent were beautifully expressed in the city that never sleeps. The industrial building with wooden floors shows the stoic personality of Fukiko Takase when it comes to training. The open lot with beautiful NY cityscape where Yohei Uchino is riding with other bikers shows his extrovert personality that has created him the person he is today and all the friends that he has made. If you’d like to go get to know more about these two young talent, watch the interviews we filmed on the Diner’s Club YouTube channel.

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