100% GIRL

    Manabu Asada - CIRCUS
    Creative Director
    Tomohito Ushiro - WHITE DESIGN
    Yusuke Tanaka - CAVIAR
    Production Company
    Dance Not Act/Prod. Yoichi Sano
    U.S. Production Company
    Hideoki Productions Ltd.

    KIREIMO’s TV commercial set an unprecedented surge of sales beyond anyone’s expectations following its airing in Japan. Featuring Japanese celebrity Naomi Watanabe, the tv commercial showed a highly women-empowered message of no shame in wanting to make yourself KIREI (beautiful). This pink pretty chic ad goes beyond just turning a city pink. In an all-renowned cast, Hideoki went all out to make this piece of work remarkable.

  • With their tagline “If you change, the world can change too” is a strong message for girls and women that our actions count and the way we think of ourselves can change the world too.

  • KIREIMO’s location was inspired by the movie Blade RunnerNew York City was the perfect pick for the project with its rough, sketchy streets and character. Our casting reached different shores of the world to include girls who could skate and twirl a baton. Finding a pink Ferrari was quite a feat. The shoot took 2 days with over 200 people involved. Wrap party took place at a rooftop overlooking the city that’s “Kireimo”.

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    KIREIMO, Japan’s famous beauty spa, had a girl gang taking over the streets of New York for their new cool ad.