A global revolution is happening. Mother nature has prompted us on red alert, in the wake of human greed. From climate shocks, animal extinction, and resource scarcity, it’s a rude awakening. What have we done to nature, and with each other?

The Industrial revolution spurred unimaginable growth. People enjoyed the massive shift from poverty to prosperity. Consequently, people’s desire to own and consume paint an insatiable hunger for more. Production needs to catch up to high consumption, for a very high price – our planet.

Moreover, efficient online buying experience makes customers satisfied and brands profit-happy, but further feeds into the fire of desire. Thankfully, a new wave has come to shore. Sustainability is the newly adopted business model.  Social responsibility and commitment to sustainable goals are now a part of corporate culture.

Businesses are quickly responding to growing awareness of consumers. Thrift shopping over fast fashion, options for vegan and compostable products, alternative mobility, ethically sourced resources and renewable energy are some of the indications that we are converting from greed to green.

The fashion industry is one of the examples that has been under the microscope for unethical and unsustainable practices. Good On You ranks fashion brands based on commitments to environmental, social, animal and people welfare. A sustainable global culture can’t come fast enough, but some of the major names in the industry are paving way, including Zappos Goods for Good , Net-a-Porter’s Net Sustain and Stella McCartney’s sustainable luxury fashion.

As we work with brands, we feel a great responsibility to help create a culture of preservation and be active participants of the 17 SDGs. We invite our fellow creatives to use our voice and our creativity to communicate our core values and inspire as many people as we can. Sustainability is the new ROI, for a thriving economy and a healthy planet for all.