Every year more brands are supporting the LGTBQ community by creating powerful campaigns. Hideoki & Co. stands with pride and authenticity in elevating the voice for equality.


The very first Pride Parade happened in 1970 on the streets of Manhattan but it was not until 1989 that United Colors of Benneton made its first campaign making a stand for HIV, racism, and same-sex couples. Their campaign bravely showed an unconventional family, a Caucasian woman and an African American woman holding an Asian baby. This campaign sparked a lot of controversy at the time; however, famous brands like IKEA and Rayban followed suit shortly thereafter.


Fast-forward 25 years and the Pride Month had become not only an opportunity for brands to show their stance but also an opportunity to compete with other brands in creativity. According to a Google survey in 2014, more than 50% of people younger than 34 years old would choose an equality-focused brand. In 2014, Burger King who is known to create controversial campaigns with social experiments decided to create the Proud Whopper. The Proud Whopper was sold in San Francisco. The Proud Whopper was just a normal Whopper packaged in a colorful paper which said “We Are All the Same Inside”. This bold move by Burger King resulted in over 1 billion media impressions which is worth $21million of earned media, 7 million views, 450,000 blog mentions and was the number 1 topic on both Facebook and Twitter.



Present 2019, many popular brands dedicate a campaign for Pride month following Burger King’s grand success. One noteworthy campaign from this year is Gillette’s commercial that was released in the beginning of June. “The Best Men Can Get” company had recently made a controversial ad with “The Best Men Can Be” showing that “boys will be boys” can no longer be an excuse and challenged men to be better. Although the response from the public was divided, Gillette took another step forward this month and created their very first ad with a transgender man whose father is teaching him how to shave for the first time. This ad following the “The Best Men Can Be” campaign has been picked up by news and social media by storm.



This year Taylor Swift also released a song called “Calm Down” for Pride Month directed to all people who protest against LGBTQ rights to “calm down” and “stop” because either way “shade never made anybody less gay”. In this so-catchy song a lot of famous celebrities from the LGBTQ community appear creating a force alongside Taylor. Not only brands now but artists are also taking a stand for LGBTQ rights.

Hideoki & Co. joins forces with brands like IKEA, Burger King, and celebrities like Taylor Swift with everyone who take a stance for LGBTQ rights. We believe in equality and inclusivity for all. In solidarity and celebrating the LGBTQ community, from the home of the Stonewall Uprising, Hideoki & Co. will glow the 7 colors.

Photo credits: Rayban Never Hide Campaign by Marcel, France. United Colors of Benetton F/W 1990, “BLANKET” PHOTO: Olivero Toscani