KIREIMO, Japan’s famous beauty spa, had a girl gang taking over the streets of New York for their new cool ad. We are pleased to have produced this campaign and to have worked with the best creatives and well-known talent in Japan.

KIREIMO is sending out a new message in this ad by showing that there is no shame nor weakness in wanting to make yourself KIREI (beautiful). On the contrary, it is sending out the message that feeling beautiful is empowering. This pink pretty chic ad goes beyond than just turning a city pink. With their tagline “If you change, the world can change too” is a strong message for girls and women that our actions count and the way we think of ourselves can change the world too. The girls wearing hoodie sweaters showing “100% ____ GIRL” is a statement that girls can be 100% whatever they want to be!

The main face for KIREIMO, Naomi Watanabe, is a Japanese actress who is already disrupting stereotypes in Japan. Naomi is also a famous comedian, fashion icon/designer who have captured the hearts of many with her fearless spirit. In other words, she is whatever she wants and believes to be. She is an embodiment of “100% Girl Power”. She’s got the charisma, the strength, the attitude, she is Naomi. We are 100% behind this positive message.

We had the biggest honor and pleasure working with Circus Inc and Dance Not Act on this inspiring project for KIREIMO. It was fun to scout the Blade Runner-inspired locations in New York for the girl gang to walk on, turning the rough streets into a pink-lit Kireimo world. Streets across downtown were shut down, wet down, light up; it was the biggest shoot of that week.

We pride in not only working on the production for this ad but also delivering the U.S. cast for the commercial. Models, skateboarders, baton twirlers, pink Lambo? You name it, we deliver.


  • Executive Director: Mr. Manabu Asada (CIRCUS)
  • Creative Director & Art Director: Mr. Tomohito Ushiro (WHITE DESIGN)
  • Designer: Mr. Wataru Murata (WHITE DESIGN) 橋本透 (MILK)
  • Copy Writer: Mr. Junpei Watanabe (WATANABE JUNPEI)
  • Director: Mr. Yusuke Tanaka (CAVIAR)
  • DOP: Mr. Kazunari Tajima (MILD)
  • DOP Chief: Mr. Takumi Watanabe
  • Lighting Director: HIGASIX (WHITNEY)
  • Producer: Mr. Yoichi Sano (Dance Not Act)
  • Production Manager: Ms. Miyako Nanjo (Dance Not Act)
  • U.S. Production Company: Hideoki Productions Ltd.