We spend most of our lives at work. Our workspace is our world. At Hideoki Productions, we recognize workspace as an integral part of our daily life. We want to contribute to a happier world, one space at a time. Hideoki Productions can help bring interior, spatial, culture designers and thought leaders right into your office.

New York is bustling with creativity and is dotted with unconventional workspaces. Big names like Google, We Work, The Mill and many creative companies possess subcultures that positively impact behavior. In the fore front of their philosophy is placing value in workspace design that encourages social interaction, boosts creativity and increases productivity. Idea generation becomes a part of the work culture.

Every so often, Hideoki team takes our clients to visit top creative companies in New York City. Each workplace is nestled in a beautiful space. You walk in and often find high ceilings and beams, designer lighting fixtures and furniture, zany artwork, wooden floor planks, and a space wide and borderless. These creative spaces are often equipped with a refreshment bar, a nook to read, and a ping pong or billiard table. People wear smiles on their faces and are enthusiastic about their work. Undoubtedly, a well-thought off workspace contributes to the companies’ success. Fifteen percent of productivity increase is owed to positive workspace condition.

The dream is to realize a workplace that one can play and let our minds run freely in an open field of our imagination. An inner world that’s fertile brought by an outer world that is nurturing. A space that allows us to create, re-create and have faith in the goodness of people and things around us. More importantly, we want to help shape your workspace to be a place where you can be inspired and do great things together.

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