Since 1989

Always something new in mind.

  • United Arrows Ltd.


    Creative Director
    Tomohito Ushiro
    Kuniharu Yosehara
    English Copywriter
    Maria Hagiwara
    Hideoki & Co.

    CITEN is a new online retail brand under the helm of United Arrows Ltd. Our goal was to present CITEN’s brand statement that exudes the same high-quality standard set by its parent company. We recognize CITEN as a brand unto itself geared towards the lifestyle fashion culture of tomorrow. Inspired by the principle of stacking up the “Wells,” we worked on the English copy that would play all the words together well. No pun intended. 

  • Shiten is a word in Japanese which means point. The last line, “CITEN is a new perspective, a fulcrum, and a starting point for a new era.” Perspective is a point of view and a fulcrum is a point of rest for a lever. We used starting point instead of the word beginning to finish the copy with a point.