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    KIREIMO Photoshoot

    Watanabe Naomi
    Manabu Asada - CIRCUS
    Creative Director
    Tomohito Ushiro - WHITE DESIGN
    Japan Production Company
    Dance Not Act
    Yoichi Sano - Producer
    U.S. Production Company
    Hideoki & Co.

    On the back of filming KIREIMO’s TV commercial, we also produced the campaign’s photoshoot.

    KIREIMO’s brand ambassador is Japanese comedienne and actress Naomi Watanabe.

  • Models Akane Hotta, Arisa Yagi, Niki and Sachi Fujii join her in the campaign. The shoot was photographed by the Tokyo and New York based photographer Kinya.

    In our visit to Japan following the launch of the TVC and photoshoot, we witnessed how ubiquitous the brand was. The ads with the faces of these celebrities could be seen everywhere. Undoubtedly, the brand impact resonated to millions of women in the country.