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  • One Piece Times Square Takeover

    Executive Producer
    Mitsu Hagiwara
    Production Manager
    Kenji Hayasaki
    Director of Photography
    Julia Zenin de Paula
    Camera 2
    Hiroo Takaoka
    Camera 3
    Yuya Killian Kudo
    Assistant Camera
    Sanae Ohno
  • Fast forward to One Piece, when it first aired on October 20, 1999, the legendary anime took over Times Square in October 2022. One Piece Film Red has topped the  Japanese box office for 12 weeks is the biggest movie of 2022, and just opened at number two in North America at the time of writing.

    For the first time since the pandemic, we’ve returned to shooting on the famed intersection of Times Square. Ten wide screens lit up the crossing with One Piece’s artful anime with people looking to celebrate its arrival.

  • We shot the iconic scenes, capturing the people enthralled at the One Piece videos. With all the commotions, we simultaneously captured reactions using three cameras. As you can see, our DP Julia seized exhilarating moments, as shown by facial expressions composed with her special single-eye.

    Since its premiere in Japan, over 1000 episodes have aired and later exported to various countries worldwide. And now the movie is taking the world by storm.