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  • Sky Perfect

    Sky Perfect CM

    Koji Uehara
    Dentsu Inc.
    Kazuhiro Morikiyo
    Japan Production Company
    Denstu Creative X
    U.S. Production Company
    Hideoki & Co.

    Sky Perfect is Asia’s largest satellite multi-channel Television company that is highly popular in Japan. The broadcast from TV shows, movies to live sports.

  • For their sports channel, they decided to focus on Baseball since the new season will start this end of March and all full games will be broadcasted. They chose World Series Champion and former Red Socks player, Koji Uehara.

    We cannot express well enough how the pleasure and how fun it was to be part of this project. Mr. Uerhara was a joy to work with, we could easily see why he was so loved by the Boston fan base.

  • One of our newest finds was that you can use the easy rig to hold up a monitor to create a mobile monitor!