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    Transcreating JT’s Purpose: Fulfilling Moments, Enriching Lives

    Hideoki & Co.
    Maria Hagiwara

    Hakuhodo entrusted Hideoki & Co. with the profound task of transcreating Japan Tobacco’s (JT) brand purpose. With extensive research and study of JT, our transcreation team set out to achieve uncompromising excellence in crafting a copy that resonates with the core of JT’s purpose.

  • The challenge lay in transcreating the Japanese phrase “心の豊かさを、もっと,” which translates to “Richness in Heart or Mind.” With no direct equivalent in English, we ingeniously employed the word “life” to encompass the entirety of the human experience—the mind, heart, body, and spirit. Our devotion to precision persisted as we delved into JT’s products and purpose, recognizing the profound relevance of “moments” as catalysts for enriching life.


    By seamlessly integrating the elements of time and moments with the concept of “enriching,” we brought JT’s brand purpose to the forefront. Our proposed English transcreation for the headline won hearts and garnered approval through comprehensive rationales. Lead English copywriter Maria Hagiwara worked closely with Japanese copywriter, Atsushi Katayama, and successfully crystallized JT’s brand purpose, which the company embraced for internal and external communications.


    JT reported robust performance in 2022. The company’s website highlighted the articulation of the JT Group’s purpose as a beacon, providing a clear direction toward a more sustainable business for society. The newfound purpose positioned JT as a reliable entity within its communities, contributing to society by creating “Fulfilling Moments.”


    As a testament to our collaborative efforts, Mitsu Hagiwara was the interviewer in JT’s brand purpose video featuring Randi Zuckerberg, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister. This holistic approach captured the essence of JT’s purpose and showcased its resonance in action.