Since 1989

Always something new in mind.

Julia Zanin de Paula


Since 2022

Julia Zanin De Paula is a visual creative who expresses herself through a cinematic storytelling style. Her work has been screened worldwide and celebrated for its fantastic realism. An award-winning Brazillian director, DP, editor, and designer, Julia’s film, A Mother of Monsters, was screened at over 40 festivals, including SITGES, Festival de Cinema de Gramado, and the NOLA Horror Film Festival, receiving 18 awards at the circuit.

Julia’s artistry offers rich textures and dimensions that bring you to different experiential realms. Born blind in one eye, Julia recognizes the beauty in the bizarre. Just like a camera’s singular lens that captures light and darkness, still and motion, Julia unfolds unexpected beauty regardless of how simple or complex the project is.

You can see some of Julia’s creative executions in recognizable brands like Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban, Polaroid, and Mastercard. She also directs narrative shorts and music videos.