• SONY a9


    Art Director
    Takeshi Hirayama
    Joe Kobashi
    Olympic Skier
    Kelly Vanderbeek
    Japan Production
    BEARS Inc. /Kohei Harada
    U.S. Production
    Hideoki Productions Ltd.
  • The launch of the top of the line mirrorless camera SONY α9 was highly anticipated by sports photographers around the world. To demonstrate its impressive features, we produced 10 series of photoshoots and a web video.

  • Our team worked swiftly and efficiently, despite considerable casting and location demands. The camera boasts high speed shooting and silent shutter capabilities.

  • Our job was to help produce a variety of action sports shots to demonstrate these features, namely: skiing, ice hockey, bobsledding, ice skating, mountain climbing, archery, tennis, golf, short track and rodeo. See the full gallery here.