Since 1989

Always something new in mind.


Making Storytelling Fascinating & Emotional

I breathe and live design through my filmmaking, crafting emotional and fascinating stories.

In co-creating with Hideoki & Co., we believe in heartfelt stories from a universal human aspect. We design and transcreate visual expressions inspired by your brand purpose. From here, we can create your brand culture and global communities through campaign images and video series. With concept series rooted in these stories, we can uncover what drives your customers and respond to their needs.

We aim to strengthen your brand culture and grow your global communities through campaign images and video series.


  • Engage Latin, American, and Japanese audiences
  • Weave the Gen-Z pulse and voice with your purpose
  • Design meaningful, effective global content
  • Swift delivery for social content
  • Identify and adopt trends
  • All-in-one creative direction, animation,
    special effects, film editing, camera operation

Step into my one-eyed world.

My filmmaking origins began after graduating from one of Brazil’s most prestigious design and marketing schools (ESPM). I pursued my calling in New York and completed my master’s degree in film directing. Seeing with one eye, I witness a magnified spectrum of colors. I zoom in to capture motion that conveys your brand, and with light and shadows, I combine each frame into a story. Your brand is my focal point, and I bring your creative concepts to life.

Design + Narrative

I discovered my ability to interlace design and narratives at a young age. My love for storytelling blossomed in the short films and a pilot episode I directed. As part of designing narratives, I can do VFX and animation, and have an excellent sensibility for camera and cinematography.

Let’s write
your story