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    ECO VISION 2025

    Production Company
    Hideoki & Co.
    XYZ Studios
  • Japan’s largest auto parts manufacturing company DENSO Corporation, unveiled its Eco Vision 2025 on June 16, 2016. The animation was created to educate DENSO’s employees globally about what they can do for the planet. They wanted to establish awareness internally first, then spread it to others.

  • We worked closely with the Design and Communications teams to produce this educational and entertaining video. From the meticulous work on each illustration to its overall experience, we made sure this tri-continental project ran smoothly from beginning to the end. For many years now, the giant company has continuously motivated us align ourselves with their deep technical knowledge and impressive artistry. We are always up for the challenge and delivered each project successfully. DENSO’s purpose to preserve the planet has been an inspiration to us.

    The Eco Vision 2025 is our very first animation project. This accomplishment propelled us to create our Creative team in 2015. We produced many more animations since then.