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    Taylor Swift
    Dentsu Inc.
    Director / Prod. Co.
    Dave Meyers / Radical Media
    Japan Production Company
    Dentsu Creative X
    Director Research and Coordination
    Hideoki & Co.
  • Hideoki &Co. helped deliver a successful production for FujiFilm’s Instax TV commercial. Starring Taylor Swift, the global tour was one of the biggest concert tours of all time comprising of 53 concerts, spanning 4 continents. Our seamless coordination in this 6-month journey was a testament to our capability to handle work regardless of size and complexity.

  • Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars to date. Only a carefully curated list of directors who have made a name in the industry could be considered. It was a meticulous process. Our team stepped up to the plate and selected the award-winning director Dave Meyers.

  • Our team worked very closely with our Japan-counterpart Dentsu Creative Cross (DCRX). Besides providing production support for the tv commercial, our work included assisting ad appearances for FujiFilm Instax in the famous Times Square and Piccadily’s digital billboards, liaison with TS and her team, client support, logistics and everything in between. It was an enhancing experience and an honor to work with exceptional people.