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  • QB House

    QB House

    Daisuke Kondo
    Remi Bouvier
    Japan Production Company
    Tsumugu Brothers
    U.S. Production Company
    Hideoki & Co.

    QB House is a from Haircut Parlor that provides haircuts for a very small amount of time and coin. Their services promises clients not to take longer than 15mins for the haircut which is a very attractive trait for anybody needing a speedy haircut on the go.

  • QB House was founded in Japan and has branched out in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York City is their first U.S. location. As they keep on growing they wanted to create a global video to show all of their locations around the world and their consistent service.

    For this shoot we provided our casting services to find the best model for the haircut. We had to meticulously look for a man who ticked all of the requirements.

    The shoot took place at one of their QB House locations in New York City. Spot the New York sceneries throughout the video!