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    Beauty Squad 2021

    Dentsu INC.
    Executive Creative Director
    Toshihiko Tanabe
    Creative Director
    Hiroshi Akinaga
    Strategic Planner
    Miho Sugihara
    Account Executive
    Chizu Sakai
    Rie Maruki
    Tsuyoshi Kanekiyo
    Michina Tsuji
    U.S. Creative, Strategy & Production
    Hideoki & Co.
  • Hideoki & Co.’s Social Strategy Debuts With The Beauty Squad

    Hideoki & Co. debuts its first Social Strategy work with a big bang, starring SHISEIDO, the world’s oldest cosmetic company and the largest in Asia. We activated their first episodic series of the Beauty Squad in the US, featuring its best-selling product, the ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate.

    Against the backdrop of the pandemic, our team put our creative forces together and elevated our craft. Given the limits of social distancing, we turned to social media to help brands put their stories in front of their audience in authentic ways and participate in relevant conversations. A good dose of humor also goes a long way. We felt honored for Mr. Hiroshi Akinaga of Dentsu INC. to award us this job and the fantastic collaboration with the creative team.

  • To give you a taste, we started the project looking closely at the fabric of today’s millennials. With the dizzying crowd of beauty junkies, we constructed topics that go beyond skin deep. We got to work from architecting the strategy, developing the content structure and scripts, researching talent, down to editing, graphic treatments, set design, and of course, remote shooting.

  • There’s a lot of noise in social media, clamoring for relevance. We chose the influencers based on their fluency in positivity and what they genuinely stand for, above all. Kemio, Valeria, and Jaycina were significant in setting the tone for the Beauty Squad. And we can’t agree more on how fantastic their rapport was.

    We’ve been doing production for decades, and the creative aspect of this project felt innate. The most essential key takeaway is that we understood the brand’s purpose. Our recognition of social fairness, human rights, and our global mindset acted as our strategic compass.

    Watch the following episodes. We formulated each episode to inspire, educate, entertain, and provide unique access to the brand’s inner workings. Enjoy!