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  • How does sustainability take place in your life? Mitsubishi shared the stories of PHEV owners around the globe who put their beliefs in living sustainably into action. Part of living a sustainable lifestyle means making better choices for the environment. We followed the story of Erika Gilsdorf, sustainability activist, filmmaker and PHEV owner.

  • During the scout we directly experienced the effects of climate change. As we disembarked from the plane we saw and smelled the smoke from the wildfires in Canada. Due to the lack of rain throughout spring and summer, the water levels of majestic lakes of Minnesota were way below normal. We were coming face-to-face with one of the many consequences of climate change. Fortunately, the smoke cleared up by the time of the shoot, but it was very poignant that we were working on a project that was promoting sustainability. We are hoping that these little changes we make in our lives will keep fires from igniting in the future.