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  • Shiseido - Vital Perfection

    Unveiling Potential Has No Age: Shiseido’s Vital Perfection Global Launch with Anne Hathaway

    Dentsu, Inc.
    Anne Hathaway
    Event Producer
    Hideoki & Co.
    New York City

    Shiseido’s Vital Perfection line celebrated a global debut with a double grand launch, introducing Anne Hathaway as its worldwide ambassador and championing the message that “Potential Has No Age.”

  • Charged with orchestrating an extraordinary event in the heart of New York City, our responsibilities expanded beyond the conventional to encompass strategy, creative elements, PR, and every nuance in between. Executing for live events demands meticulous attention to detail, crafting an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on guests and clients with safety in mind. This five-month project posed a distinctive challenge, pushing the boundaries of our capabilities and resilience in unique ways. With the direction of Hideoki & Co. chiefs, they guided the execution with unyielding integrity and diligence.


    We demonstrated relentless commitment and perseverance, navigating the complexities of working with diverse personalities and cultures, each with its values and expectations. The feedback from our guests that night and subsequent compliments attested to the event’s success.

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